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Making your fleet image is easy. You can create your own personal fleet image of the combined ships in your Star Citizen fleet in
just three easy steps...
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Fellow Citizens,

It's been two years since I launched this app and I have been overwhelmed by the support from the Star Citizen Community to date.

Everybody who has given feedback (whether constructive or positive) or even just up-voted, thank you! Anyone who donated in any way to help support and encourage my work, thank you! Some people like YT-O donated their time and continue to be of assistance, so I am very grateful we have people like this in our community.

You might have noticed that the website has changed slightly and now loads faster. I have just completed upgrading and migrating to a new hosting provider, so I'm hoping I can do better work for you in the future, a little less hands-tied by system resources.

Update: I was planning on releasing an all-new app for the Star Citizen Community to coincide with the 2949 Anniversary Sale and Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. Specifically, aimed at making life easier when it comes to planning what to melt and/or CCU to change up your fleet, to help you plan that out and make managing your fleet changes simpler. It's a slightly bigger task than I initially thought and with some real-life projects that pulled me away from working on it, I wasn't able to release in time for the Anniversary Sale as intended. It is still being worked on and I plan to release it shortly!

Gratefully yours,

While at the moment the fleet images output will be purely from camera-angle-above, all the ships in your fleet together in one image, I also have future plans to consider angled 3D views, like this one pictured here.
My hope longer term is that CIG will release a full and detailed API we can call on to fetch updated ship matrix details and adjust the visual output automatically for size of ships, etc.
I like to build things and I hope this tool will be of great use to you. Please feel free to contact me via my RSI Profile.
My RSI Profile
PM me on Spectrum
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As CitizenCon approaches, I am excited to announce I've upgraded my hosting provider and am about to release a new app for use in the Anniversary Sale upcoming! Nautilus ship model added to and 890 Jump model was also updated. The Drake Corsair ship model has been added to The Drake Corsair is now supported and will render in your fleet images. Thanks to YT-O again for assistance. The Argo SRV has been added to! Thanks again to YT-O! The Arrow and San'tok.yai have been added to! Thanks again to YT-O! Thanks for all of the messages about the SSL certificate having expired. I've renewed that now so that should be rectified in the next couple of days! Shout out to my Patreons for pitching in towards these running costs. If you are lucky enough to have either the Kraken or Valkyrie ships in your hangar, then these should now show when you render your fleet on! Support has been added for these ships. Also 890 Jump and Mustang series received a model/size update. Support has been added for the Mercury Star Runner! This will now show in your fleets. Thank you to my Patreons! Thank you also to the individual philanthropic backers of Star Citizen whom have donated ships to support my work. I will continue to feature both the Top Donator of ship (by size) in Star Citizen, with your support I get the chance to fly new ships in the verse. And my Patreons help make my work possible (paying the bills). Apollo Medivac and Apollo Triage were added as well as the Avenger, Blade, Idris-M and Idris-P rendering was updated to reflect ship size changes. Vulture should now show in your fleets! Drop me a line if you have any questions or feedback. Love, Espire If you're a concierge member Wing Commander Level or above (definitely not me, all my ships except my starter ship are ship donations I've received from SC Philanthropist Pilots to support my work), then you should find an F8 Lightning ship automatically added to your fleet renders! - Any feedback please let me know. You just need to be displaying your Wing Commander (or above) title/rank on your RSI Profile, prior to using the tool, and your F8 Lightning will show up! <3 Dedicated Land Vehicles are now supported as promised at 300 Up-Votes (dedicated land vehicles will appear below your ships smallest to largest in the bottom right, the inverse of your ships appearing largest to smallest from the top left). The next up-vote stretch goal is 500 up-votes on Citizen Spotlight. If 500 up-votes is reached, then I will develop for organisation leaders to be able to generate entire organisation fleet images of all ships in their organisation. Every vote counts! Hercules Starlifter is now supported on MyFleet.Space! Please feel free to send me feedback and suggestions, and as always a thank you to everyone who has helped or even just been supportive or constructively critical. It really does make a difference for continuing to keep this project alive! - And it encourages me to launch more projects for the community (more coming soon)! My apologies for my absence. I am now back and will be updating MyFleet.Space more frequently as well as launching some new projects as well (to be announced soon)! In the meantime expect Hercules & Land vehicle support in the coming week. Thank you again to my Patreons and all the people who take time out to send me a bit of feedback on Spectrum; I greatly appreciate your support, you make all this possible! You voted for it on Citizen Spotlight and so I have developed an automatic ship painting feature that works out the most prominent colors in your org logo and paints your ships with them! You can turn this off with a checkbox at the Steptwo-hangar.php page. Citizen Spotlight page reached 200 Up-Votes today! THANK YOU EVERYONE! I will need to pull my finger out & code the auto-painting functionality this weekend. Look for an announcement sometime this weekend when it's ready! Next up-vote stretch goals will be:- 300 Up-Votes = Land vehicles added. 500 Up-Votes = I´┐Żll develop for org leaders to create organisation images. "Defenders of Sanity and a Positive, Constructive SC Community" will from now forever be immortalized for their amazing efforts. Well done and a genuine thanks to all for your support, or if not support than your constructive criticism! LOVE ALL OF YOU FELLOW BACKERS! <3 Espire General-Aventador from MATADORS CORPORATION kindly sent a Cutlas Black to support the creation of Apps I build like Thank you so much for your support! As promised for Top Donator I have featured his org on Top Donators page. Today I coded a change that allows DOUBLE the image quality/size of fleet image renders for small fleets, before they are needed to be auto-downscaled (to stay within hosting server memory limits unfortunately). Another shout out to YT-0, whom's renders I use for his amazing support, you rock YT-0! Next major feature is auto-painting of your ships (with your orgs logos' main colors) once the Citizen Spotlight page has reached 200 Up-Votes. GrandPoobah from Chimera Assets and Security Holdings kindly sent an Aegis Gladius to support the creation of Apps I build like Thank you so much for your support! As promised for Top Donator I have featured his org on Top Donators page. TEG-Snowblood made history today when he became the 1000th Star Citizen backer to use! A HUGE thank you to the overwhelming support from the SC Community, the up-votes on Citizen Spotlight, the dozens of PM's offering help with testing & providing suggestions for future features. I love all of you fellow backers so much for getting behind this amazing game and being a part of this cohesive community! I am gob smacked and grateful that CIG & SC Community managers chose this app as their staff pick this week and that they gave a shout out in their production update email! That is so incredibly cool. A huge shout out and THANK YOU to CIG & SC Community Managers for all that you do for this amazing game and incredible community. <3! On 12th Jan, this Star Citizen App was submitted to Citizen Spotlight on RSI's website. Please help up-vote and get CIG to take a look. Thank you for all your support & feedback! Love this community. 87 Orgs, 153 Players and 991 Ships in all images that have been generated using the tool so far. I fixed some issues where the counter was not quite right. The fact that the image is presently destroyed from memory after being served up to the user (rather than being stored) made it a bit hard to correct after I realised my error. But the counter should be accurate moving forwards. Torlek kindly sends a Dragonfly Black to me to support the creation of tools I build like Thank you so much for your support! As promised for Top Donator I have featured his org on Top Donators page. YT-O not only has very graciously allowed the use of his 3D rendered scaled ship images, but also helped me bug test the fleet image generator after launch, for very big hangars. Thanks YT! Alpha launch of fully functional fleet image generator, after a month of teaching myself how to do what I thought should in theory be possible. Very rewarding to see it in use shortly after! Biting the bullet. I joined Star Citizen and became a backer for this amazing game! Being the builder of things that I am, I wondered how I could help add to an already incredible community. I had the idea for automating the fleet image that people otherwise spend so much time creating (combined image of all of your ships in one respectful to scale of ships visual eye-candy). was born. Anniversary Sale Begins. Having only just dried my previous mouth leakage, I remained wide-eyed and watched as the Star Citizen Anniversary sale begun. SC Alpha 3.0 PTU drop. The following days are spent with me watching many live streams of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU and producing much drool.
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